Over half of all smoke alarms FAIL.

That’s a bold statement, isn’t it? But it’s backed up by nearly 40 years of studies, and you need to know about it so you can keep your family safe!

I’m Earl Lee Warning, a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm. I will do the best job of warning you and your family in the event of a fire in your home – alerting you tens of minutes earlier than the other alarms. I’m your best choice for Early Warnings, and I won’t hassle you every time you burn the toast or take a steamy shower.

Almost four decades of research has shown that the most popular smoke alarm, which is in 90% of homes in America, is failing at an alarming rate.

These ionization smoke alarms are alerting tens of minutes slower than the other type, photoelectric smoke alarms, in the deadly smoldering stage of a fire. They are also more prone to nuisance false alarms from ordinary cooking and steam from showers. Get the facts here, and get safe alarms!

You're probably wondering: “Does it really matter which type I have in my home?” Yes, very much so:

Andrea and Dean Dennis
If fire officials had really understood the difference between the two technologies, like they're starting to learn now, there's a good chance our kids would be alive today.
Julie and Doug Turnbull
My daughter Julie died in a house that had 17 ionization smoke detectors – and by the time the very first one went off, three kids had died.
Read Andrea and Julie's story

Media Coverage

Fox 19 Cincinnati Investigates City Slow To Enforce Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Law

Fox19 Cinci

Fox 19 Cincinnati found that a 2013 law requiring photoelectric smoke alarms in rental properties in Cincinnati, Ohio isn’t being aggressively enforced by the city. Watch the two-part investigation series HERE

11 News Pittsburgh Story: Some Smoke Detectors May Not Be Doing Their Job


11 News WPXI Pittsburgh puts smoke alarms to the test and finds results consistent with the tests conducted by my friends at North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association and others across the country. Ionization smoke continue…

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News & Announcements

Consumer Product Safety Commission Acknowledges the Need to Improve Smoke Alarm Performance

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in a letter to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) acknowledges the need to improve smoke alarm performance! The CPSC is encouraging UL to adopt new flaming and smoldering polyurethane foam continue…

Photoelectric Language Added to the Residential Code of Ohio

As a result of the appeal from Mayfield Village, new language has been added to the Residential Code of Ohio requiring photoelectric smoke alarms. The new language takes effect on April 1, 2015. The new continue…

More News & Announcements

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