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Photoelectric Language Added to the Residential Code of Ohio

As a result of the appeal from Mayfield Village, new language has been added to the Residential Code of Ohio requiring photoelectric smoke alarms. The new language takes effect for the municipalities involved in the appeal process on April 1, 2015. Sometime thereafter it will take effect statewide. The new language requires at least one…

Read More Petition for Warning Label on Ionization Smoke Alarms

Fathers for Fire Safety c0-founder Dean Dennis has established a petition on that would require warning labels on ionization smoke alarms. Hi friends! Please help Dean, NEOFPA and I demand that the Consumer Product Safety Commission mandate warning labels on ionization smoke alarms that would read: “The National Institute of Standards and Technology has tested smoke…

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NEOFPA Launches “Fail Safe” Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Campaign

NEOFPA is launching a new banner campaign to increase public awareness and to promote the use of photoelectric smoke alarms and will be providing free 4’X8′ banners to member organizations to display in their jurisdictions and properties. The banner is seen at right (click for larger version). The banner text refers to two of the many…

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A Professional Engineer’s Evaluation of the Smoke Alarm Test as Presented on Good Morning America May 28, 2014

“THE FIRE TEST: Excellent. Conclusive and informative. A major contribution to fire safety.” “THE GMA REPORT ON THE TEST: Timid. Incomplete. Cowardly. Leaves millions of children at risk.” “The firefighters within Ohio did their part in an excellent manner. They ran a fire test program that confirmed that the ionization type so-called smoke detector is…

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ABC’s Good Morning America Investigates Smoke Alarms

GMA Investigates, May 29, 2014

“GMA” Investigates conducted two demonstrations showing response times of smoke alarms in very real fire scenarios. When people buy smoke alarms, they may not know that there are two types on the market: the ionization alarm, which is generally faster to detect blazing fires, and photoelectric, which is generally quicker to detect smoldering fires. Ninety…

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WEWS: What to look for when choosing a smoke alarm

How to choose a photoelectric smoke alarm

When you walk down the smoke alarm aisle, there are lots of claims that catch your eye. In big bold letters the packaging says long-life battery, tamperproof and maximum protection. Our 5 On Your Side consumer investigation found it’s the fine print you really need to pay attention to when buying a detector. If you…

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